Read about the experiences from VOLA and Hydra-Grene, both of which have the chipmaker GS 210 in their production.


-“We have been through the entire development phase, which has given us a good insight into the benefits of the chip breaker. Our production runs around the clock, so for us reliability and reliability is an important criterion for which the chip breaker lives up to. It is a good contribution to achieving higher efficiency in our production.

Peter Krogh, Technical manager,  VOLA


Cost savings

– After implementing GS210 in our production, we have been able to reduce chip handling to around a third, saving us a lot of costs – especially in the weekend where the machines run without staffing. Our production runs 24/7 – 365, so reliability and reliability are crucial in our production.

Peter Larsen, Production Manager,  Hydra-Grene

* The statements are translated from Danish

Kunderne siger

Læs om de konkrete erfaringer fra VOLA og Hydra-Grene, som begge har spånknusere i deres produktion.

Øget produktivitet

Neddeling af metalspåner betyder færre stop i produktionen, mere effektiv håndtering, og øget værdi af metalspånerne.


En investering i GS210 betaler sig hurtigt hjem. Vi tilbyder attraktive finansieringsmuligheder og leasing af GS210.

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