Prices and delivery

The investment in the GS210 earns in most productions itself in less than a year due to lower operating costs and higher productivity. In order to make the investment fast profitable, it is priced extremely competitive:

GS210 – costs €13,500

Special transportsnail (3 metres) – costs €4,050

Prices are incl. Delivery and assembly, but excl. VAT.


A 2 year warranty is provided for defects. The warranty is valid when the product has been used in accordance with the instructions for chip breakage of the agreed chip grades.


Unfortunatly, we do not offer financing to our EU customers.

We encourage you to contact your local bank for funding.

Professionel service

GS Handling Systems offers professional consulting relating to GS210. We can also deliver, install and service GS210 in your production environment.

Book a demo

As an extraordinary service, you have the opportunity to experience GS210 directly in your production as a demo performance for one month.

Customers says

Read more about specific experiences from VOLA and Hydra-Grene, both of which use swarf crushers in their production.

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