Using GS210 for shredding of metal shavings not only results in shavings that are easier to handle but you also reduces the environmental impact and the risk of accidents.

Better working environment

Traditional handling of metal shavings in connection with production at lathes and machining centres is associated with risks. On the one hand, cutting oil might end up on the floor, making it slippery to walk on and, on the other hand, metal shavings per se are difficult to handle with risk of cuts. GS210 can be connected to a lathe or machining centre. This way, it collects, grinds, shreds and compresses the shavings immediately. The finely shredded metal shavings can be guided directly from GS210 to a transport system, for example, via a screw conveyor to a container or to a conveyor belt. Alternatively, they can be transported further via, for example, a screw conveyor to a central shavings container.

Protects the environment

Shredding the metal shavings using GS210 reduces the impact on the environment and leads to lower power consumption, effort and waste, all of which associated with the handling of the shavings at present.

If the shavings in your products, for example, are collected by a carrier, the collection frequency will be reduced.
In addition, the shavings you send for recycling will be of higher purity and therefore quality. This is so because the cutting oil used in connection with the processing of the metal is additionally drained. GS210 is fitted with a pipe connection, so it is possible to tap, re-circulate and thus recycle the cutting oil in your production. Lower content of cut product means higher purity of the shavings, which you can send on to recycling.

Financial gain

In addition to the financial gain associated with lower costs for the handling and transport of the shavings, there is also an opportunity to get a better selling price. The higher quality of the shavings sent for recycling after the installation of GS210 reduces the costs in the next segment of the recycling chain and thus provides the basis for achieving higher sales prices. 

Customers says

Read more about specific experiences from VOLA and Hydra-Grene, both of which use swarf crushers in their production.


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