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As an exceptional service, you can have GS210 installed directly in your production environment as a demo performance for a month.

We supply and install GS210 at your company. In the same context, you will receive a short basic introduction about the operation of the machine, so you can enjoy the benefits immediately.

You will thus have the opportunity in the course of a month to discover how GS210 can optimise and streamline your production before you make a final decision.

Delivering GS210 as a demo costs €350 excl. VAT and includes three hours of installation and training of your employees.

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Customers says

Read more about specific experiences from VOLA and Hydra-Grene, both of which use swarf crushers in their production.

Increased productivity

Shredding of metal shavings means fewer production stoppages, more effective management and higher metal shavings value.


An investment in GS210 pays off fast. We offer attractive financing options and leasing of GS210.

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