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GS Handling Systems was founded in the course of the development of GS210, which is a development project supported by Innovation Fund Denmark as well as by Business Development Centre – Southern Denmark

The result, GS210, is based on the knowledge, experience and insight Green Steel ApS has built up over many years in the industry, while at the same time it is created within a framework that ensures an innovative, value-creating and pragmatic solution, which will give companies working with lathes and machining centres for metal, fast return on their investment.

Just like our sister subsidiary, GS Handling Systems is based on personal and reliable consulting for our customers and partners, competitive prices and conditions, and, last but not least, the high quality of our services.

GS210 comes as a “plug and play” solution for your production. The machine is immediately ready for use upon delivery, but can be adapted and implemented in your production in different ways, depending on your needs and the physical environment.

GS Handling Systems sells GS210 through machine dealers and directly. Our skilled consultants and service engineers will be happy to visit your company and make sure, on one hand, that the solution fits your needs and, on the other hand, that it will be implemented in an optimal manner from the very beginning.


Innovative and service-minded organisation

GS Handling Systems is an innovative and service-minded organisation, which deals with consulting, design, manufacturing, selling, installation and service of GS Handling Systems’ equipment for handling of swarf in the machining industry. Our partnership with our customers is based on high quality, timely delivery and competitive prices and terms.

Behind GS Handling Systems there are two well-established industrial companies with significant experience in the Danish metal industry: RM Holding of 1997 ApS and Green Steel ApS.

GS Handling Systems – well thought-out solutions create value.


Increased productivity

Shredding of metal shavings means fewer production stoppages, more effective management and higher metal shavings value.


An investment in GS210 pays off fast. We offer attractive financing options and leasing of GS210.

Customers says

Read more about specific experiences from VOLA and Hydra-Grene, both of which use swarf crushers in their production.

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