GS210 is an innovative and efficient swarf crusher, which effectively reduces the amount of metal shavings from lathes and machining centres.

Once the metal shavings have been shredded by GS210, they take up approx. 30% of the original volume depending on the design and material type of the shavings. The subsequent compact form not only provides a cleaner product of higher value in the context of recycling, but also considerably reduces the use of resources for transport and handling, while at the same time minimising production interruptions for removal of shavings.

GS210 is controlled by a sensor which automatically starts the shredding of the shavings as soon as an adequate amount of shavings has been accumulated. Hence, the machine consumes zero power in the periods when the shavings amount is not big enough and shuts off automatically as soon as the task is complete.

Thanks to its flexible and compact design, GS210 can be moved around in the production premises, depending on where shredding of shavings is required. Also, the shavings can be subsequently processed in the most optimal manner for your organisation – for example, from here the shavings can be passed on using a GS screw conveyor.


The implementation of GS210 offers several production benefits.

  • Reduced handling and expenses for transporting the shavings from production to recycling.
  • Fewer production stoppages in connection with the need to deal with shavings.
  • Efficient recycling of cutting oil leads to a higher degree of re-utilisation and thus lower consumption.
  • Easier handling of the shavings means fewer man hours devoted to this task.
  • Less absence due to work-related injuries as a consequence of a better working environment.

Technical data

GS210 is designed to be incorporated in a dynamic production environment. Therefore, it can be moved around in the production as needed. It is also possible to connect, for example a GS Screw Conveyor so that the shavings can be easily transported further for recycling.

The structure of the equipment focuses on flexibility, stability and quality. This means that the process is executed at a low pace and is powered by a gear motor. It also ensures flexibility with regard to the shavings, which can be shredded in GS210, thereby reducing the wear on moving parts.

Blades and other wear parts can be adjusted and replaced as needed, which additionally extends service life and performance.

GS210 is CE-marked and comes with:

  • Instruction manual
  • Installation guide


The shape and hardness of the shavings is decisive for the result, but experience shows that the volume of shavings is reduced to approx. 30% of the original volume.

  • Aluminium 50 kg per hour
  • Brass 150 kg per hour
  • Steel 100 kg per hour
  • Stainless steel 150 kg per hour


Overall dimensions: 1460 x 998 mm.


Stable production characterised by high efficiency and uptime is contingent upon keeping the manual handling of metal shavings that arises in connection with work at lathes and machining centres to a minimum.

Without effective management, production has to be stopped more often, consequently lowering productivity. Thanks to GS210’s innovative and flexible design it can be connected to the company’s metal-cutting machinery, which makes it possible to transport the shavings directly to the grinding mill and shred them to the desired level.

After the shredding, the finely ground shavings have such a shape that they can be transported via a screw conveyor to a container or a conveyor belt.


  • GS210 can be used both for long and short shavings, which are crushed and shredded into smaller pieces, which are then pressed together, thereby taking up to 70% less space.
  • The swarf crusher is fitted with drains at the bottom and a 1-inch pipe connection so excess cutting oil can be drained off and used again.
  • The swarf crusher is sensor-activated, which lowers the power consumption because the machine only runs when needed.
  • The process is executed at low speed, resulting in less wear on all wear parts and moving parts.
  • The matrix has three different options for adjusting the shredding degree.
  • Blades can be adjusted and replaced


GS210 comes with complete control including automatic reversing function for optimum operation. It is possible to adapt the operating time based on the type of metal shavings using simple programming:

  • The matrix has three different options for adjusting the degree of shredding of the metal shavings
  • Blades can be adjusted and replaced as needed
  • Gear motor, helical-bevel gear unit, with 3 kW, 400 v, 50 Hz 3-phase
  • Comes with level sensor for automatic on and off
  • Frequency converter for optimal power utilisation

Technical data

GS210 is the most innovative and flexible solution for shredding of shavings on the market. See GS210 specifications and technical data here.


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